In Search of Color

January 27, 2017

Baby blue and chocolate brown eyes--these are the colors I get to peer into daily. 


My two angel babies are so beautiful I actually fall short of breath sometimes looking at them. But they are also as different as can be. My daughter is fair and blonde, while my son is short (he's only one), dark, and handsome.  She has the features of our French and Scottish ancestors while my son is of Mexican and Filipino descent.


A wild ride of color runs through my house. And I love every minute of the richness that comes from living in the midst of such a rainbow of creation.


It's like looking at a magnificent work of art that never stops moving, and understanding it’s a gift.


This unique arrangement of family members, which came about through adoption, has given me a taste for something so extraordinary that I can’t help but seek it out in my life outside the four walls of my home.


Our little family, with history that stretches back as far as time itself, leaves me so curious about others' stories. I have found that my tiny microcosm of the unique world God created has brought a fascination into my heart for all people.


I can’t help but make efforts to get to know those that are different from me. Just like at home, every time I do I am richly rewarded. So I go ahead and leave my house, usually with two colorful kids under my arms, in search of more color.


Maybe a splash of this experience and a bit of that experience, learning something fresh that broadens my understanding of the world and making a family that I couldn’t create biologically (sorry, God, not trying to take your place).


You might even find that my interest in others leads me to read a book about someone’s history and heritage that I would otherwise not have read, like The Souls of Black Folks by W.E.B. Dubois.


Oh the possibilities for world domination are endless – no, I mean the possibilities to make intimate relationships with people in the world. Anyhow, I love people and I love being rich – in friendship that is – so this journey is a pretty cool one.


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