The Hope in Humble Beginnings

January 27, 2017



Everyone loves a good story, especially a story of someone rising up and creating positive change despite challenging circumstances.  A story of a humble hero, someone who defied the odds and found success.  A story of someone climbing out of a deep pit to climb a mountain high into the sky. 


I was reminded of how God can use humble beginnings to create massive change for good when watching the documentary, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise. This inspirational band has touched millions of lives, but they began as a motley crew in an Australian teenage band in a very small church.  This story demonstrates an empowering fact that people will be better off if they embrace it; where you come from does not determine where you can go. 


Understand, that I am not saying that one’s history is not important, in fact it is very important. What I am saying is that history, while it has an impact, is not the determining factor for what is possible in the future. People from around the world have risen from humble beginnings while maintaining humility and embraced a faith that moves mountains and made shifts in this world that are leaving a legacy for generations to come. 


Hillsong’s work is softening hearts and inspiring change in the lives of millions that listen to their music, and there are thousands of other humble heroes that inspire hope. 


One of my favorite stories, a Haitian man named Hughes Bastien, had a vision to raise up a generation of Haitian youth that would be committed to the transformation of their country.  So he picked up his life in Haiti, moved to the U.S., and drove a taxi cab in NYC to raise the money needed to start Cocina, an organization that would empower youth to walk in their full potential.  His vision and faith did move mountains. Now, his first generation of graduates are pursing college educations from around the world and returning to their home countries to be the change they want to see in their Haitian communities. Bastien's organization started with a single kindergarten class and now serves youth K-12 grades and includes a clinic and other services.  


The strength, passion and perseverance from individuals who rise up despite the odds stacked against them inspire me.  Let them inspire us and in turn be the change we were created to be.  Every shade of color you see in a person is a story from around the world and you could just be looking at a hero from humble beginnings who has set out to change the world.


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