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  • Autumn Swain

Reality is Found in Relationship

When people ask me what my favorite genre of TV is I say, "anything CIA, FBI, NCIS, or CTU." (You only know what I am talking about if you have seen Jack Bauer in action on the hit show 24). I get pulled into these shows and the next thing I know I am wanting to be in the show, partaking in every day adventures, solving mysteries, and fighting the enemy.

I think this happens to all of us. What we put into our minds impacts our thoughts. This can happen with sports, drama, and reality TV. In today’s society most people are surrounded by news and whatever “media” decides to put in front of their eyes. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of awareness and intention not to let what you see on your social media feed, news network, and hit TV show impact your views.

If the average person hangs out with a majority of people of their own race or ethnicity, that means their view of other folks of varying cultures has been formed outside of relationship. This may be from a popular TV show, news outlets, or neighborhood gossip. This is very dangerous territory. One can only form a respectful opinion of another person after intentional personal interaction with people of other cultures outside your own.

I love to cook. I can say I am approaching fame for my soups (totally kidding, but they are good)! However, if someone judged my soup off of one bite they may think my chicken tortilla soup is white bean soup, or vegetable soup, or chicken soup. Its not until you get a second or third taste of all the flavors that you really can appreciate the complexity of the soup. The same goes for cultures and ethnicities. Forming an opinion after one interaction--or one news story--is inaccurate and even inappropriate. The only way to really know and learn to love a people group is to experience it in its wholeness. Learn about what there is to celebrate about a culture.

So, do I really want to be a spy? Of course not. My perspective of the spy life was determined by TV shows that were created to entertain. Its not the whole picture and would not fit in with God’s calling on my life and my desires. I will find my own adventures; adventures that include a richness in diversity. If the God of the Universe has created all people in their beauty in His image, then the more I know about others, the better I will know the heart of God.


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