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  • Autumn Swain

Get Rich with Social Currency

I am so stinkin’ rich! I can’t believe my life. What is my currency? My relationships! I have an amazing group of people in my life that make me one wealthy individual. What is so special about them? Of course their beauty inside and out, their character, passion, joy and silliness. Yes, they are a little weird, which makes me more comfortable because so am I.

One thing that is so valuable in these relationships and adds significantly to my richness is the diversity among this community of mine. Every person has a different story and there is something so valuable to having friends from many culturally and ethnically different backgrounds.

Ethiopia. India. Aruba. Taiwan. Zimbabwe. Columbia. I have a connection to all of these places and more because of my friendships.

African American, Latin American, Italian, African, Asian, Canadian. I have a connection to these ethnicities because of my relationships.

To genuinely and authentically have this richness of diversity in your life, you must create those connections beyond reading a book, watching a documentary, or enjoying a new restaurant. Relationships must be formed to really know and transform from the richness of what is found in the beauty of friendships beyond your race, your heritage, and your culture.

What is the richness factor in your relationships? Are you stretched because of them? Are you more well-rounded because of them? Are they more well-rounded because of you? Do you genuinely desire to know them and share in their experiences? This is connection. This is how I became a millionaire mama. And guess what, my children do and will continue to benefit from this beautiful social circle of awesomeness!


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