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  • Rev. Gloria Bradley

Poem: Uncomfortable in My Comfort Zone

The following is a poem written by Rev. Gloria Bradly:

To begin with, I’m addressing this letter to the little girl in all of us. The ones that never had a chance, or should I say, didn’t take the chance at telling all. Afraid of exposure? Could be because we didn’t know what we didn’t know.

I look around at my new surroundings with my tool belt around my waist, finding newness in the old surroundings daily. I look around and sometimes give out a shout or simply nod my head and silently cry. The crying is healing with no sadness involved, just acceptance. Acceptance of who I’ve turned out to be. Where I am physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and I say THANK YOU LORD!

Remember the footsteps parable? Of course, that was me, that was you, that was all of us at some point of our lives. Not believing we deserved any better, and when the better came wondered if it hadn’t arrived at the wrong address. Uncomfortable in our comfort zone. Trying hard to get out while hoping we didn’t make it so we could hang on to the familiar and explain how we always knew it wasn’t meant to be.

That was how Gloria did it, didn’t she? Looking good with her cigarette in her hand whenever she stepped out. Who knew about the battle scars raging war within her spirit the whole while. Handling the abuse, the children, the job, etc, etc, etc. No color barrier here folks. Step right up and get your slice of life! On with the show! Isn’t it funny how once you paid for the ticket, sat in the seat real close to the screen, you realized you really didn’t want to watch this particular movie, but darn, can’t get your money back can you? Well, that's alright. You’ll leave at intermission; with intermission coming and going and you're still stuck in the same seat watching the same reel, over and over again. Can’t SOMEBODY change the tape? Hey! Anybody listening?

Then all of a sudden this quiet kind of peace starts emulating from within. You feel as if you hear a soft voice whispering your name. Shhhh, close your eyes, can’t you feel your Father’s protective arms around you? What? What? Oh….My Father said, “Come unto me and I will give you rest.”


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