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  • Autumn Swain

Get Together and Make Things Better

I normally pay little attention to the theme songs on the shows that my son watches. However, the Reggaeton beat on Arthur, a kids show based on an 8 year old aardvark living in the fictional city of Elwood, caught my attention one day. I paused to sit with my son as we listened to the lyrics of “Believe in Yourself,” the Arthur theme song. I was thoroughly impressed with the message this cartoon was portraying.

“Everyday when you're walking down the street

And everybody that you meet

Has an original point of view

And I say HEY!

What a wonderful kind of day.

If you can learn to work and play

And get along with each other"

A day in the life of Arthur includes interactions with animals of all kinds all over his city, and a genuine interest in others. I thought to myself, what if our children were all raised to value people of different backgrounds for their unique point of view; what if they all learned that life is better when people genuinely care for and get along with each other. Of course a cartoon would not be sufficient for this to happen. It takes the intention of parents to engage with children on these important matters. It takes parents role modeling for children what this looks like in every day life. It takes a community to take responsibility for creating an environment that is embracing of people despite their differences.

Regardless of differences in values and upbringing, one truth remains: love and care for others makes the world better. Growing up in a Christian home where my faith was an important part of my life, I recall the children’s song “He’s (God) Got the Whole World in His Hands.” I was taught by my parents that God values all people. Lets make that an intentional part of our parenthood strategy regardless of your faith background. As adults, you have influence over children, even if they are not your own.

Where is there division in your home? Church? Community? Country? Take a tip from Arthur by “getting together and making things better”! It's been said that it takes a community to raise a child. The community we reflect as adults will leave a positive or negative impression on our kids. Lets strive together to raise up a generation of empowered youth that have a genuine care for one another and a desire to work together to make things better.

“Open up your eyes

Open up your ears

Get together and make things better

By working together!”

See theme song video here: Arthur Opening Song


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