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Music: A Language Understood by All

"Music makes the people come together." --Madonna

Being a professional singer myself I could not agree more with the legendary musician's quote. I was practically born with a microphone in my hand. My parents were both musicians and my aunt Janice is the Queen of Beach Music. As a child I got to travel the country watching her touch people's lives through song. Her career made such an impact on me that I decided to pursue music myself, and in doing so I have been blessed to work with artists such as Pink, Gloria Gaynor, and Chaka Khan to name a few. I currently co-own a private party band and now I have the privilege of touching people's lives through song just as my aunt did.

I've been blessed to witness people from all walks of life coming together through music. In a time where the media is reporting so much divisiveness and hatred in the world, it's good to know that there's still something that creates harmony (pun intended). I'm not surprised that music does just that, as it is so powerful. For me it's a stress reliever and a vocal coach. Clinical studies from music therapists even suggest that the sound of music manages pain.

Music has been the soundtrack of my life. I recently read a quote that said, "Dear Music, Thanks for always clearing my head, healing my heart, and lifting my soul." That rang so true for me. Music has truly been my closest friend and confidant, always knowing exactly what to say and how to make me feel.

IT'S NO WONDER music has been a fundamental part of so many lives since early times. The Bible even makes mention of music. The book of Psalms, written by David ,is basically a composition of love songs to God.

"I call on the Lord in my distress and he answers me." --Psalms 120:1

It's a part of my life every single day. The background music in a commercial on TV, a song my 20 month old daughter is singing...

I mean really, who doesn't like Michael Jackson?

Try and imagine a world void of music? No songs to worship God. No music to help celebrate the biggest moments of our lives. No Celine Dion! That world would be opposite of the one Louis Armstrong sang about when he sang "What A Wonderful World."

I am extremely grateful for the gift of song that God has given me, and pray that it can be of use to his kingdom. Whatever gifts God blesses you with, whether it be music or something else, my wish is that you be passionate about it and willing to share that gift with the world for His glory.

Leslie Pugh is a professional singer from Shelby, North Carolina. She has had the privilege of traveling the world singing with the likes of Gloria Gaynor, LaToya Jackson, Pink, Chaka Khan, The Pointer Sisters, Grace Jones and the list does not stop there. She has over twenty years of performance experience under her belt and currently travels throughout the US performing with the private party band she co-owns, Perfect 10 Band. She is married with one daughter and resides in Springfield, Virginia


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