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  • Rev. Gloria Bradley

Poem: Mabel Is

Mabel is bare feet, strong arms, Alabama bound.

Mabel is warm biscuits, hot jam, sweet potato pie.

Mabel is common sense, no nonsense, do you have any sense, come tell me all about it.

Mabel is pot bellied stove, Dyson vacuum cleaner, country clothes line. Lexus, driving hard and fast right through your heart. Understanding more than you could say.

Mabel is praying for you. Prayers answered, knees bent, crying with you, crying for you, crying about you.

Mabel is love embodied by motherhood. Front porch, wine cellar, New York finest, art museums.

Mabel is all things that a friend, a mother, a sister, a leader, a counselor could be 'cause Mabel follows Christ, lives for Jesus, loves the Lord, Knows that God is her Savior

Wants all good things for all people that she touches, that she reaches, that she can think of.

She loves hard, she loves strong, she loves forever.

If she can trust you, even if you don’t love her back, she tries her best.

To do what doeth sayeth the Lord, He’s her guide, He is the light upon her path.

Her call from the distance. He’s her joy. He’s her King, He’s her lover. He is her friend.

He’s her everything.

Mabel is my friend, my sister, my mother, my prayer warrior,

My light on the night that I feel so down because..

Mabel does take your hand to lead you to the cross. To the Lord

To the Savior, because that’s all she wants to do for the one that she may love.


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